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My Day Program

The founder, David Bunker, designed The My Life Foundation Supported Living Services to provide innovative quality programming for people with developmental disabilities.  The services are based on individual choices and those unique personal qualities which make a rewarding and quality life. To ensure health and safety assurances, managers and directors work in the field to support the direct staff and check on those receiving services. 


My Day services is a community-based day program vendored through Westside Regional Center.   Our administrative team has over sixty years of combined experience in developmental disabilities with degrees in educational psychology, clinical psychology, and applied behavioral analysis.  My Life  Foundation is dedicated to a person-centered approach focused on the empowerment of individuals.  


Who We Are

  • Committed to providing innovative services for people with developmental disabilities who also have significant medical and/or behavioral challenges.

  • Dedicated to bringing quality day activities to these individuals in their homes, working hard to develop the means to bring them into the community. 

  • Committed to the idea that all individuals with disabilities have the ability and right to be productive and contributing members of society.

  • Believes that individuals have the ability to make responsible choices, exert greater control over their lives, establish and maintain meaningful relationships, enhance and exercise their gifts and talents, and develop a sense of belonging. 

  • Believes that with the right support, individuals with disabilities should participate in a stimulating and productive day.

  • Believes that any daily activity's ultimate goal is to support individuals with developmental disabilities in a routine that resembles those of their peers who do not have a disability.

  • Is focused on community participation for these individuals.

  • It has a philosophy where these individuals are given the support, training, and encouragement to become active participants in their community.


Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles is a program where volunteers in the community are paired with individuals we support to assist with healthy life choices and assist with the medical system's complexities.  A client care assistant is paired with someone who often does not have a family member to advocate, explain, or provide emotional support during medical appointments, hospital visits, and recuperating at home. 

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