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Supportive Living

Supportive living services are by nature individualized, depending on the severity of each person’s disability.

Most neurodiverse individuals living with developmental disabilities want to live and work independently. Many are able to do so with very little assistance while others require more help and education in order to maintain a good quality of life and keep their jobs, particularly during

Together with our clients and their families, we create an Individual Program Plan (IPP) that addresses our client’s needs and goals for one year. Once the plan is agreed upon, we ensure adequate staffing and record-keeping to support each person’s success at achieving their goals.

In general, to provide adequate support, we teach each client the basics of living independently: grocery shopping, safe food handling, how to clean house and do laundry. We also teach how to count money, how manage checking accounts; everything that involves money and checks.

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Day Program

My Day services is a community-based day program vendored through Westside Regional Center. Our administrative team has over sixty years of combined experience in developmental disabilities with degrees in educational psychology, clinical psychology, and applied behavioral analysis.


My Life Foundation is dedicated to a person-centered approach focused on the empowerment of individuals.  


Your Life, Your Way

Maintaining a Healthy Social Life during COVID

In order for us to provide comprehensive services, we must teach our clients how to be safe in public, in general and with regards to COVID-19. We must constantly monitor our clients for PPE and COVID compliance, while listening carefully to pick up on any signs of abuse.


We teach clients how to socialize with other people, how to make friends, how to plan a date, and how to entertain at home. We host several holiday celebrations virtually and, on a case-by-case basis, in person observing social distancing guidelines since many of our clients have nowhere to go over the holidays.


We also teach self-advocacy, how to use their "voice," how to discover their boundaries and how to set them, how to recognize abuse and how to report abuse to us, what constitutes safe relationships vs what constitutes abusive relationships, and safe sex practices.


When necessary, we supply personal protective equipment (PPE) for COVID-compliance. 

My Life Emergency Assistance

Wherever and Whenever You Need Us

When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, it had a devastating effect on neurodiverse individuals living with developmental disabilities. Often, they work several part-time jobs if they can get them; getting a full-time job with benefits is extremely rare.  


We experienced an overwhelming influx of requests for emergency food, grooming supplies, cleaning supplies, PPE, and assistance with rent and utilities. Many of our clients were at risk for being evicted due to nonpayment of rent. Unfortunately, the demand for emergency assistance in these and other areas remains great. We have met them as best as we can, but we are

in dire need of additional funding to continue to support our clients. 

Any fluctuations in expenses or income will invariably have a devastating effect on people living with developmental issues. This segment of the population is always at greater risk, since they are more likely to be abandoned by their families and have no emergency backup support outside of what the State provides through programs like My Life.

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