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Duane Bunker
Recreational Center

The Duane Bunker Recreational Center Fund will benefit the creation of a commemorative space for interactive educational programming for our client consumers that supports their individual learning objectives and goals.

Plans call for the acquisition of a new, multi-use space for My Life Foundation staff and client consumers by or before 2025. 

Please contact or
contact Kerwind at 310-410-3000 for more information.


The day my parents made the brave decision to raise my twin brother Doug at home was like a pebble tossed into a pond rippling back to shore.

That ripple is the culmination of my life experiences with

my brother.

Watching such a dynamic couple work together to support a severely disabled child, while creating wonderful adventures

for our family — their decisions enriched all our lives — and

left an indelible impression on me.

Dad shared his love of the outdoors (hiking, boating, and camping) with us kids, a gift that sometimes still calls and pulls at me today.  95% of the time these activities included my  twin brother Doug.  


Although my father was not college-educated, he was one of those rare breeds of men who read, watched and, without fear, learned by doing.  


When I say my father could build anything, I genuinely mean he could fix or build anything! He built race cars, 4x4 Jeeps, boats and a plane that he piloted himself!


As the founder of My Life Foundation, my wish is to ensure that the agency my parents and brother inspired continues to provide the same meaningful care for individuals like my brother. 

My Life Foundation has established the new DUANE BUNKER RECREATIONAL CENTER FUND to give us a way to pay tribute to his pioneering work in the area of disability services.

Culver City Neighbors featured Kathleen and Duane Bunker in their February 2022 issue. Click the picture below to download and read the article.

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Duane Bunker Recreational Fund Leadership Levels

Each giving level of The Duane Bunker Recreational Center Fund is inspired by Duane’s love of the great outdoors and particular fondness for Yosemite National Park.  

The privacy of our donors is paramount to us. We never share, sell, or trade your information. All gift recognitions will be arranged in accordance with the wishes of each donor.  

Watch The Center Come Alive

Our heartfelt thanks to our donors

for supporting people with developmental disabilities!


Our programs and services are designed to help people with developmental disabilities live full and meaningful lives. 

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