People First: My Life Foundation focuses on the individual aspects of people first rather than focusing on an individual’s disability level.  We understand that we are all individuals with our own individual desires, dreams, needs and feelings.


The Whole Person: My Life Foundation’s strength is its approach to services for the whole person.  We believe it is important to focus on all aspects of the human spirit.  Understanding a person’s physical, social, emotional, sexual, and spiritual needs are the basis for a whole, happy, and productive life.


Families: We believe that the families of the individuals we support are often instrumental to the happiness and quality of life for individuals receiving our services.  Often parents and siblings are deeply concerned and invested in the services provided to their children or sibling.  My Life Foundation is committed to involving families with all aspects of the agency as allowed under the provision of client confidentiality.  Additionally, we understand that often times families know their child or sibling best, and often have a unique view and insight into their family member’s life.  These qualities are often vital when providing services that encompass the whole person.     


Circle of Supports: We believe that there is a greater quality of life when those we serve have a greater network of people in their lives.  Therefore, My Life Foundation is committed to building relationships through formal and informal processes.


Services: The services provided shall be based on a person centered approach.  Services are tailored to the individual’s wants dreams, desires and needs.  Therefore, what is best for the individual is best for My Life Foundation. 

Integrity: My Life Foundation’s staff are trained and supervised with the approach to honesty, respect, and care for the individuals we serve.  In addition, we believe that each individual has the right to be included in the community, to make responsible choices; exert greater control over their life; establish and maintain meaningful relationships; develop, enhance, and exercise their competencies and talents; develop a sense of belonging, and experience personal security and self-respect. 


Empowerment: My Life Foundation is committed to teaching leadership skill necessary for the people we serve to be their own advocates, assisting them to express their dream, wants, and desires in their own words.  Helping people understand that they have choices and the possible outcomes of the choices they make.


Respect: My Life Foundation shall respect all individual values and beliefs.  We believe that the people we provide services to have a great value to our community and can teach us about ourselves, our spiritual life and give us greater insight into a bigger picture of life.  We understand that many individuals with disabilities have a different perspective on life, often seeing the world differently than others.  We are committed to understanding the perspective of those we serve and that all people have a valid and valuable perspective of life.  Respect means that the individual we serve has the power over their own life and services, not the staff providing services.


Advocacy: My Life Foundation shall be an advocate for people with disabilities.  We believe that everyone benefits by including individuals with disabilities in the community.  All the individuals we serve have not only the right to be part of the community, but we, as a society, are enriched by having those with disabilities, working, living and socializing in the community.


Staff: As a non-profit foundation, My Life Foundation is committed to the investment of their employees.  The foundation understands that our greatest asset is our staff.  Direct staff who are properly trained, provided wages and benefits equal to or better than those outside the field, and those who are well supervised, will provide better services to the individuals we support.